Ah, this still exists doesn't it

Right, given how I haven't posted in a while, I suppose I best do so.

Short form:

Have moved form leaky flat to cotswold stone cottage. Much win, but significantly colder.

Have done CBT and bought 125cc cruiser style motorbike to learn on. It's good. Gear changing while going are very much easier than all the pissing around in 1st they get you doing on the CBT. Sadly I still fail at hill starts. Also hitting the horn rather than turning off the indicator is an occasional problem.

Work is much quieter at the mo, so have weekends free. This, along with being almost mobile now, has led me to seriously consider the reserve forces again (most likely TA, as they're the local ones).

I still have excellently random friends.

Rich in refridgeration, poor in armenian interpretive dance

Huzzah, Gary has remembered it's considered polite to post, rather thasn simply read, so now he shall do so!

Just moved from grooty crappy Flat to shiny cottage of 2 bedrooms. Much money spent, including on shiny new fridge/freezer to enable stock piling of meat products. All hail the marvel of extreme refridgeration.

Few small issues with house (not least of which my bed doesn't fit up the stairs to main bedroom, so impressie beamed room is now guest bedroom/giant floor space for drunkards/area for use of rowing machine), but generally fantastic. Will have to get some real internet in and post some piccies.

In just as excellent news, it's 10 mins walk from work (or a 2 minute cycle :-) ).

So, if anyone feels like visiting, give us a shout, for now people can be accomidated :-) Note, probably can sleep 7 people if 4 of them have rollmats. as long as no one minds a barracks approach with 5 people in the spare room and 2 in lounge. Which of course leads on to the concept of house warming. There shall be one if people feel like coming all this way, not at all worried about when that may be.

Other than that, things are about normal.

"the time has come, the walrus said, to speak of many things..."

"Pooh, being a bear of little brain, decided to invite the strange noise in"

Gary needs to learn that he rides a cycle, not a main battle tank.

On the way home form work this evening, he decided to face down the oncoming articulated milk tanker coming up the road (on his side).  It wasn't until the rather larger opponent had backed down, that it occured to me how bloody stupid this was as an idea.  Gary plus bike masses maybe 100kg. Tanker weighs in at say 20 tons.  result of collision = splatted Gary, maybe a 1mph drop in tanker's speed.

Ah well, nothing like being stupid and winning :-)

In more serious news, Russia needs putting back in it's box.  Sadly no one has:

a) The will to stand up for what they calim to beleive (namely supporting democracy)
b) The spare force (given Iraq and Afghanistan)
c) The foot print to do anything significant even if the did (the Americans are on the way, but this happened 4 or 5 years to early for Joint task force East to exist)

Ah well, good to see that Russia can still decide to invade it's neighbours when it feels like it, with out any come back.  If I was Poland or the Ukraine i'd be sharpening up the old Homeland defence plans and looking worriedly over the border.  The Turks may take offence at the concept of sharing a border with CCCP mark 2 however.


"where world's collide"

Well, as i've managed to waste my savings on a laptop, i suppose i ought to use it to update this rather neglected corner of the internet.

So, I'm still in my flat (or, as Rachel renamed it in a rtaher Dr Seuss esk fashion, my "Flouse").  Still a team leader in my factories production labs.  However my duties are now officially running the samller shaped cutter lab, and one shift of the main flat cutter lab (as opposed to the previous spending lots of my time on the main lab, but not gettign the shift pay).  So, back to working a week of 6am till 2 pm followed by a week of 2pm to 10pm.  No skin off a single man's nose this shift work, and not bad 22% pay rise to do it.

Sadly with work, sometimes I'm busy and love it, other times i'm quiet and thats when i dislike it.  I need to be rushing like crazy to be happy in a job that doesn't exactly offer many intellectual challenges (even for a drop out like me :-) ).

Personally wise, I've become remarkably reliant on the excercise I do to stay positive.  Felt a little down last week, didnt do my excercise, got steadly worse.  So, it seems the excercise is vital to my hapiness.  Some may argue that it means i'm slightly addicted to it, but thats no bad thing as I don't actually go mad with it.   On the plus side, i definatly seem to look better for it.

Still considering OU courses, need to figure out what i want, how much that would cost and how to save for it.  Then of course there si the over arching issue of "am I up to it?".

Off to Amsterdam next week for the Lowlands festival, for <lj user="sallamino">'s birthday with an odd collection of people (only kidding :-p).  Will come back significantly less monied, but hopefully with some excellent memories.

Hopefully I shall make it back up to brum on next paycheck, many people i need to catch up with properly, who I've unforgivably neglected recently. 

In a random aside, is the new gothsoc committee (from the website) look really young, or am I just getting old? :-)


It's alive

Morning all

Have obtained one of these shitty mobile internet whatsits.  Trying it out now, but it's far from fantastic.

On to the main point of the post, my phone decided to break.  O2 decided that any phone fixing requires a memory wipe.  So I'm gnerally not in possesion of most people's numbers.  If any of you still actually look at lj, and still want me to have your numbers, please leave them in a comment (screened of course).

Cheers all

Gary, still in the shires


(no subject)

Ah ha, It's back.  Very breifly popped on the net up at the aprents house.  Sadly a bout of paranoia (about just what embaressing photos of me there may be on there) has forced me to join facebook.  I blame you all.

will have to ge tthe net sorted for my flat, as it'll probably be cheaper than entertaining myself with a never ending stream of dvd's and books (which sadly cost money).

Just incase some of you havent seen it yet, i'd like to report that my beard is one of the best things in the history of the world. ever :-p  (not that i amsue myself by beard based mockery. atall)

Brief and not all that intresting

Right, sorry it's been so long since being online, but i havent got an internet connection as i still don't know if i'm staying in my flat.  There may be a small issue with a collapses ceiling*.

Basically my life has degenerated into the going to work, slobbing around weekends thing.  The only thing close to news i have is that i got a promotion, and for the last month have been running our new Lab.  We arent all that busy yet, and we've more or less been starting from scratch.  The sad part of the promotion is that i'm now on days (so no 22% shift allowance) and have far less overtime.  So in essence i took a noticable pay cut for the promotion, but as <lj user="bright_raven"> pointed out, that's hardly a rare thing to hear.

Using the cycle2work scheme with halfords, i shall shortly have a shiny 550 quid bike.  Hopefully this one will survive, unlike my poor abused cheapo one.

Floods may have trashed most of glos., but ebley (where i live) never even lost water.  Had some fun riding through the floods, but home and work life largely unaffected.

Sadly ireland doesnt look overly likely, given the utterly trashed state of my passport.

Hopefully i'll manage to do something intresting in the next few months.

* - my hot water tank leaks, and the landlord refused to fix it. 2 months later, the ceiling in my kitchen collapses. 1 month after collapse, still not fixed.  so i may end up moving out after 6 months, rather than the year i originally planned. so no point trying to get net/phone/etc. contracts that last a year. 

(no subject)

Just a quick statement that i moved everything over okay, and so far every thing is relatively fine with the world of the flat.  unlikely to have internet in there before the end of may/beginning of june.

(no subject)

sucessful morning. I have bought a double futon and a two seat sofa for the princley sum of 70 pounds. Next week will involve a trip down to wottton under edge to collect all sorts of other furniture from a workmate of dad's. That leaves a requirement for a bed and a washing machine (and at some point a freezer) and i'll be all furnished.

Now i just have to make sure i get the bloody flat :-)
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